About Richard Matharoo

About Richard

If you’re here looking to learn how to build your Network Marketing Business into a full-time income (no 9-5, exit the rat race) then you are in the right place.  I know you can absolutely build the life of your dreams, I’ve helped so many people do that already, I’d love you to be the next, here’s my story…


Who Is Richard Matharoo?

It’s 2015 and 3 years since I made some big changes in my life and started in the home business industry, before I briefly take you back to the absolute mess I was in back in 2012, let me share my current lifestyle and some of my results:-

  • 5 Figure Per Month Earner
  • Personally Recruited Over 500 People Into My Network Marketing Team
  • Over $250, 000 In Company Product Sales
  • Over $60k Personal Product Sales
  • Qualified For Every Single Incentive On Offer In My Network Marketing Company
  • 14 Vacations/Holidays In The Last 2 Years
  • Number 1 International & Number 3 Worldwide Recruiter In my Previous Network Marketing Company
  • Voted Top 5 Blog In The Home Business Industry
  • Most Important Total time Freedom To Spend With My Daughter, Wife, Friends, Team & Family

As I write the list above I have to pinch myself, I absolutely love teaching fellow Home Business like you to create leads, sales, recruit and build a full-time network marketing business as well as travel around the world speaking on stage.

Matt Nearly Quit…Went On To Double His Team in 7 Days

There’s so many techniques and tactics to teach you that I know flat-out work, my main focus is the internet because it’s totally flexible, open 24/7, allows you to build a solid reputation regardless of your results or budget (plenty of free tactics for beginners) and no matter how busy your schedule is can fit around your day-to-day life. I’m so grateful to be able to help you, especially when you consider where I was just over 3 years ago…    

Back To 2011…

full time mlm formula
On-board Caribbean Cruise – One of Our Happiest Moments In My Life – After Tough Times Qualifying For My 1st Ever Company Incentive

Ever took a look at your life and thought “What happened?”  That’s exactly the point I reached back just over 3 years ago, I was embarrassed at what I’d become..

            • The 6 figure business my wife and I had built had failed in the recession and left us with £40k debt, we lost everything we’d worked for the last 12 years.
          • My daughter was coming up 1-year-old, I was working 80 hours per week so hardly saw her awake…that was really painful
          • I’d let my stress get to a level that impacted my health…I was gaining weight and suffering memory loss
          • I lost someone very close to me for the 1st time had began to lose faith in almost everything


Can You At All Relate?

Now perhaps you are facing a much worse situation than that, but what I hope you take from this is that you can make a huge improvement in all areas of your life in a relatively short time…even if you feel you’re down to your last shred of hope. What I learned and what I want you to know is sometimes all success takes is having the courage to jump in! I know you know there’s more inside of you, the best of your results and success to show those around you and yourself that you are a winner and be proud.

Gary From The USA Was looking For Leadership & Support

You know working 40 hours per week for 40 years in the hope of a 40% pension from a job that sucked the majority of your time away from those you love is not the way you were supposed to live your one life.

Perhaps like me you want to be the example of what to do and how to be a champion for your children to follow

Maybe you simply want to get out of a rut and experience more because you feel like a spectator in your own life…I’ve been there!


You CAN Do it (How To Create Success)!

Something that Network Marketing and the amazing mentors I still work with to grow is focus on what you can control…your actions! Here’s a list of the top 5 ways I personally went from 40k in debt to 5 figure months and how you can create your own success too:-

  1. More Desires Than Excuses – When you want it bad enough you’ll find a way.
  2. Consistency Trumps Talent – I have no natural skill, but no one outworks me, that I can control and so can you.
  3. Invest in Yourself – Your success is a direct result of the person you are, its common sense when you invest in education, you improve and so do your results.
  4. Free Is Often Expensive – Everyone can give free advice, the people worth listening to are the ones that have the results you want and teaching information worth investing in.
  5. Value – A major reason to build online is to reach so many more people with your message, help those people and in turn build your business ethically and exponentially

Lynda Was Close To Giving Up…Now She’s A Full Time Home Business Owner


How To Build Network Marketing Success

Specifically in Network Marketing I’d say there’s 2 major ways I changed my actions that have led me to a 5 figure per month business with no previous experience:-

          1. Invest In Mentoring/products – Finding people who have what you want and finding a way to pay them to teach you how to do the same = the fastest way to the top
          2. Using The Internet – Once you’ve  exhausted your list of family & friends, what next?  To reach thousands of people 24/7 with your product, service or opportunity whether you are there or not…you just can’t beat the internet for reach, convenience and growth potential (plus it’s so much easier than you’d imagine)


The Lesson & How YOU Can Build Success

For far too long I’d become a victim of my circumstances and was using my (back then) struggles to serve as an excuse for not taking action..big mistake! You if you’re doing the same every day you don’t take action is a day you and (like me) your family suffers unnecessarily…who chooses to do that, right!

The challenge comes from understanding we don’t know what we don’t know.  You may feel big results & success are for “other people” and that you couldn’t possibly achieve the same or greater, incorrect!

See look at my story, your story and other success stories and you’ll see a commonality…we’ve all faced challenges, the question is where do YOU go from here? See I believe there’s greatness in you, I love this industry like you do too and I know with the right tactics, taking action, surrounding you with the right connections and inspiration, just like myself and so many others I’ve helped you can become a champion in Network Marketing & life too!

What I want you to do 1st of all is be open to accept that… …YOU can become a big success YOU can hit the top rank in your company YOU can be on stage sharing how YOU turned things around YOU can achieve what we both know is in you somewhere and that is to win!

Sometimes you have to believe in the belief that another has in you before your own belief kicks in, I believe in you, I believe in Network Marketing, I believe in what I teach and I believe and hope you’ll use my story, this website and all the value I promise to share with you so that one day you will contact me and you can share what a huge superstar in life and home business you are!

11 year Veteran Marketer Gavin Speaks About Richard Matharoo

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