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How Did I Go Full Time In 5 Months & Other Great Questions In Richard’s Favorite Interview – Click Here To Watch


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Here’s What Some of the Most Respected & Successful People In The Home Based Business Industry Have To Say About Richard Matharoo


“This guy is amazing, he seriously is one awesome dude, love ya bro”

Ray Higdon – Network Marketing Millionaire


“Well all I can say is if you guys out there are failing in your mlm and don’t know what to do, just head over to Richard. Thanks for your leadership bro”

Sonny Lanorias – Network Marketing Professional


“If you are looking for an expert here we go, Richard is a marketing genius, and has a wealth of experience to move any newbie to become an expert”

Aurore Jones – Network Marketing Professional


Top Earner Academy Stage

International Speaker, Number 1 UK Income Earner, Master Trainer & 4th Highest Performing Team In First 12 Months In MLM

“Richard has overcome a lot and achieved a lot in a short period of time. I love that Richard offers solid, valuable and practical solutions for those who may be in a similar position and want to find success online….well done”

Marc Korn – Network Marketing Professional






“I’ve seen Richard literally go from nothing to being a great leader in the industry. He truly has the knowledge and dedication to be one of the most successful marketers in the industry. I’m proud of him and what he has been able to do in such a short period of time! Keep crushing it Richard and I wish you much success”

Eric Mclaughlin – Network Marketing Professional


“Richard’s training can really help you and your team grow and develop. His story is truly inspirational, very encouraging to every newbie that wonder if it is really possible to succeed in the industry. Well done”

Hezi Hershkovitz – Network Marketing Professional With A Team Of Over 10 000


“Fantastic and genuinely friendly guy who is focused not just on his own success, but the success of his team! Looking forward to working together, sharing both strategies and ultimately success”

Tristan Craig – Online Marketer



Richard Matharoo



Richard Matharoo

Skype: richard.matharoo

Email: richardmatharoo@gmail.com

“I Guide ‘Ordinary’ Network Marketers To Extraordinary Success”


17 Responses to About Richard Matharoo

  1. richardm says:

    Thank You Jeanne

  2. Nate Jackson says:

    Excellent writeup, Richard!

  3. Raninder Singh Matharoo says:

    Do you belong to Sikh Religion !
    As my last name is Matharoo too & i’m a Sikh.

    • richardm says:

      Hi Raninder, my Dad is Sikh. I respect all religions as I believe like anything it’s what people decide to do with their teachings that counts. For me, I’m about the least religious person I know. Great to have a fellow Matharoo comment on here!

  4. Lavmeet Singh Matharoo says:

    Hey ! Try Turban As you are a Sikh !
    Post your pic with Turban !
    Waiting for that my Sikh bro !
    Take Care

  5. Paramveer Singh Matharu says:

    I’m Glad to see you !
    Mr. Richard Singh Matharoo
    May Waheguru Ji Bless You ‘”””

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