Team Building In MLM – Recruit Your Next Rep With These 2 Powerful Tactics

MLM Team Building

MLM Team Building

Perhaps you haven’t recruited anyone yet or you’re struggling to grow your Network Marketing team as fast as you’d like? Let me help you with that with these two very powerful tips that I’ve kept secret until now.




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Richard Matharoo

Richard Matharoo

Founder – Team No Regrets – “Become More, Be More, Live More”

Creator – Full Time MLM Formula – “Rat Race To Residual In 5 Months”


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  1. says

    Hey Richard,

    Great, great video, with great insights (as always).

    You’re very right, sometimes people need an extra nudge to get them over the fence and make a decision to take advantage of a good opportunity.
    The concept you’ve shared here is very powerful.

    It is no secret why TV infomercials and many sites use countdown timers. Scarcity is a very powerful motivator to get others to take action.

    And, I feel that, if we as Entrepreneurs truly believe in what we’re promoting… that it will really help the potential customer, Client, or business partner, we should not hesitate in helping them along the decision-making process, and your tip is absolutely brilliant.

    Thank you for putting out great content. Keep up the great work and have a terrific weekend!



    • Richard Matharoo says

      Absolutely, when you know you’re promoting something that benefits others and you believe in the mission you’re on scarcity is a positive tactic

  2. says

    Hey Richard,

    Awesome stuff.

    Hope this isn’t too cheeky, but is there any chance you could email me a copy of the template you use to show the next 10 people. I think that is a fantastic idea.

    Here’s hoping.

    Many thanks


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