Right Business, Wrong Signage?

November 17, 2023
November 17, 2023 Richard Matharoo

Q: Why do all businesses have signage?

A: So the right people enter the store.

Can you imagine how pointless and frustrating it would be for the shop owner and prospective customers to enter a store with a “shoes for sale” sign above the door, then once inside attempt to be sold on a new TV!

Sure, you can and should have an effective conversion mechanism in place to convert interest to actual sales.


Try selling the World’s best steak to mainly vegetarians and tell me how much that stuff matters IF you aren’t grabbing the attention of those in the market to buy what you offer.


Interest Generation

You should ALWAYS be putting what you offer in front of the people ALREADY on their way to buying it.

If you are AT ALL having to sell your prospects on their desire or need for your offer, BEFORE you start to sell the offer itself…you are doing something wrong, very wrong.

Why have to make two sales instead of one?



One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had on my way through plateau after plateau and then a fast rise to 7 figures in sales was that WHO is always more important than WHAT.

If you are looking to grow your sales,

or make quicker sales,

or increase your prices,

or deal with less objections

…then look at how effective your marketing methods are at intercepting the buyer portion of your audience as opposed to re-working that sales funnel for the fifth time this quarter.



A simple step is to be where the buyers are looking.

When did you last go on social media to buy a product?

When’s the last time you searched a question in the search bar on social media…such as “the top 5 weight loss supplements” or “best lead generation agency in Florida”…never is the answer for you AND your prospect.

If you are successfully using social media to get leads and sales, great, keep going.


With ever-changing rules AND the fact there’s hardly any intent BEFORE having to have the person follow, scroll, engage and chat.

There are much faster routes to buyers.



YouTube would be #1, then a podcast (you can use YouTube for this too), then two paid ad campaigns that filter out tyre-kickers.

Let’s take YouTube for example.  You do go searching for specific answers, you do research, you do look to learn more about a topic/product you are already looking to invest in…so are your prospects!

Additionally, see the picture at the top of this post?

That’s my daughter Ava and I enjoying the Marina Bay Sands swimming pool in Singapore.  It doesn’t matter if that’s your thing or not, what matters is do you have something you’d like to do more of, you just don’t have the time?

Using smart interest generation allows you to reduce and then remove your physical time requirements without any loss in sales, so you can do more of what you want with the people you care about… isn’t that the core reason you’re building your business?

ALWAYS ask yourself if what you are doing to grow is right now or right forever.  Big-picture thinking and actions are essential if you want sustained, secure growth and to avoid burnout.

I hope this information has helped you re-focus on what matters in your business and helps you take a step in the right direction when it comes to growing your online business sales in a way that makes you happy.


If you’re looking for more sales, to perfect prospects, who come to you ready to buy and are in the high-trust industry, shoot me a message with what you sell and how I may be able to help (contact is always confidential and comes direct to me) Here

Onwards & Upwards!


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