Tube Alchemy

Predictable, Systemised Growth of Your Business

What it is:

Tube Alchemy is a 4 week online program combining video modules & 1 on 1 coaching that guarantees (yes it comes with a guarantee) rapid & lasting growth of your business using a predictable & proven process.

Who it’s for:

Tube Alchemy is for you if you are an ambitious network marketer, wanting a minimum full-time income level or to scale your current growth using systems over manual methods.

What it helps you achieve:

Tube Alchemy will help you achieve in 4 weeks or less:-

  • A business you own, not one that owns you – Efficient, systemised & predictable
  • Freedom from prospecting or social posting – Have fun & still see massive growth
  • Up to 30 daily quality prospects that are significantly interested and initiate contact
  • Simplified client conversions within 7 days of initial contact without a funnel
  • 70-80% close ratios on 20-30 min qualified calls (you or a sales rep)
  • Compounding marketing & growth – results that predictably build not boom/bust
  • Profit is King – Achieve growth in profits, not just sales

What members are saying:

“I like to shoot straight from the hip. I’m actually shocked at how much value you provide, I can see why you are so successful at this. Your course and mentorship has changed the game for me, I truly appreciate you”

Tim M

Belmont, USA

“I wanted to give a shout out to Richard Matharoo this morning. Following Richard’s training at the beginning of the Week and so far have 15 opt-ins with 8 sales”

Matt R

Worthing, UK

“32, 589 views in 1 month, on average I’m bringing in 15-20 leads daily. Tube Alchemy literally changed the game for my business. Big shoutout to Richard, couldn’t have done it without you mate”

Mike D

Formally UK – Moved To South East Asia after joining Tube Alchemy

“We both know if it wasn’t for you I would have quit last year. Now I’m following my passion, getting results and living my dream life”

Lynda K

Algarve, Portugal
Tim's Results
DeVerne's Results

How it works:

Tube Alchemy provides everything you need to achieve transformational business growth:-

Content – 4 World Class step by step video education modules

Implementation – Drop my scripts, tools, templates into your business…everything you need is included

Support – Weekly live coaching and support replies within 24 hours 6 days per week

1 on 1 – I’ve got your back, 3x personal sessions with Richard included

Network – Hang out with fellow high-level clients to bounce ideas around and grow

How to get started:

Schedule a call using the calendar below, I’ll meet with you on Zoom to see if Tube Alchemy is a good fit.

If you have any questions, use